Yes! U46 Schools

Vote YES on the Zero-Tax-Rate-Change
School District U-46 Bond Proposal on April 4th

Voting yes on this ballot measure will

Yes u46 - School Safety

Ensure that all schools have up-to-date safety and security features.

Yes u46 - Upgrade

Upgrade and renovate roofs, windows, doors, floors, HVAC and plumbing and electrical systems in many schools.

Yes u46 - property value

Keep our property values stable and do this with zero change in our tax rate.

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Improve our schools – with Zero-Tax-Rate-Change

On Tuesday, April 4, voters in the eleven School District U-46 communities will have a chance to improve our schools – with a zero-tax-rate-change. The bond proposal was approved by the U-46 Board of Education this winter


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